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YY and J | Wedding | Mandarin Oriental

This set was taken exactly a year ago and I finally decided to stop procrastinating and upload the photos. As I was looking through this set , their wedding still felt so recent and so close to my heart.

It was the longest wedding I have taken till date. I started at 3:30am and ended at 5:30pm! Would I do it again? YES!

The energy that day was AMAZING! Family and loved ones was so pumped from morning till the end. My adrenaline was really high too!

The sisters' gatecrash games were intense! Glad the brothers were extremely spontaneous!

Before the groom came in to fetch the bride, we managed to find time to have some parents-and-daughter time. I live for moments like these.

The long layout of the ballroom is beautiful!

A blessed first year to the both of you! Thank you for letting The Perfect Statement capture your wedding day. It was truly an honour!

Also, a huge shoutout to Petrina from A Merry Moment for recommending us to YY and J!

--------- Videography Just Married Films

Assisted by: Benjamin

Gown: Rico A Mona


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