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about the perfect statement


About Us.

Established in 2016. Went full-time in 2018. 

@theperfectstatement is young but feisty.

Fuelled by a passion for greater things, we seek to make the journey as memorable as the end product.

We distinguish ourselves by making each shoot a unique experience.


When you’re in front of our camera, you’re more than just a client to us - you’re our partner!


Together, we will work to find out what makes you smile the brightest, laugh the loudest and we’ll aim to capture these qualities in every shot we take. Leave the later parts to us, some editing magic, and we’ll transform photos into moments you’ll look back on fondly.

Meet The Team

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Clara Tan

Lead Photographer,
Chief of Everything Officer

Clara’s interest in photography started in 2008 when she used it as a medium for self-expression.


Thanks to the encouragement from the Flickr community and her family, she took the plunge and turned her passion into a business she can be proud of today. 

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Lee Wei Yang

Associate Ninja /
Associate Photographer

Wei Yang joined TPS as a trainee in 2021 but his hustler spirit and willingness to learn grew him into an experienced photographer and valued member here at TPS.


He is available for a limited number of shoots only as Wei Yang has a full-time job too.


Sarah Tan

TPS Support Ninja / Administrative Executive

The lovely face behind your email enquiries, Sarah wears many hats at TPS. She jumps from answering questions to bookkeeping and invoicing.


Always unseen but ever important, she’s one you can always count on!


Cheryl Chan

Colourist Jedi / 

Cheryl joined TPS since 2020 as a freelancer. A master of Adobe Lightroom, Cheryl works behind the scenes to add some jazz to editing works.

Apart from editing colours and beautifying sceneries, currently Cheryl is also a full-time student in Scotland. 

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