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Pandian | Family | Marsiling Park

When the eldest daughter of the Pandian Family is back from Australia they will always engage me for a photoshoot. I have lost count of the number of times I have shot for them but I'm really thankful for their continuous support ever since I started doing photography as a job.

This shoot is also special for them because it is their first time meeting back in SG after the global pandemic. And this is also the first time the grandparents met the newest baby who is now a toddler in the family.

Speaking about first - this is my first time shooting at Marsiling Park - hahaha this place definitely does not top any photographer's list of venues BUT I will try to make it work.

As usual: Emotions first, location secondary.

Tried to get the boys the loosen up by running - it worked wonders as usual.

Marsiling Park is not that bad after all right?



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