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Naoki and Fumi | Prewedding | Chinatown

Music: Nothing in This World, That We Can't Do - Brook McWhorter

Singapore; A country that I call home and yet I took her beauty for granted. As a photographer, I always shoot at the common places - Botanic Gardens, National Gallery, Fort canning and more BUT at this shoot I got explore our arts and culture scene more.

This shoot, I felt very liberated partly because they were a chill couple and also because I saw Singapore in a different light as I shot in uncommon prewed shoot places - Haji lane, Arab Street and Chinatown!

(Singapore in different light haha pun intended)

You know in Singapore we always do the hipster pose - Close your eyes and look towards the sun. I did it with them too and Naoki, the groom said, "This is so interesting because in Japan we never close eyes when we shoot". I giggled so hard.

I usually try to stay away from the mid afternoon sun but we started the shoot at 3:30pm hence there was ample shadow for me to play with. This year I started shooting more with lights and shadow because It makes the photos more interesting!

These photos were taken at the start of haji lane and I was really impressed with our wall murals and street art.

It was getting hot and we took refuge in % Arabica. The iced latte and the air conditioned cafe gave us some respite from the heat.

Fun fact: Do you know that % Arabica is from Kyoto, Japan?

Then we head to Chinatown to continue the honeymoon shoot. It was quite dangerous to stand in the middle of the road, so please be careful if you are doing that as well!

We waited for night to fall to take more photos of the bustling Chinatown :)

I know I said this countless of times but i really enjoyed this shoot so much. The ironic thing is, I go to Chinatown at least once a week because my boyfriend works there but I never ever had thought that it has so much potential for a shoot! I saw the charm of these locations through the eyes of my overseas clients and I will never look at these places the same way again.

Thank you Naoki and Fumi for having me to shoot your honeymoon photos in Singapore! Please come back again, so we can take photos at raffles hotel next! haha

Thanks all for reading and I will upload more soon!

Have a blessed week ahead!

Till then,



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