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Mane and Goldie | Prewed | Paulaner Bräuhaus Singapore and Sentosa Golf Club

When love and culture meets.

Goldie was my colleague when I was working part time with The Body Shop eons back!

She was also the first one who taught me how to draw my eyebrows because I drew really terribly back then.

"Okay you mix these 2 colours it will give you a natural look, then draw it up till 3/4 of your brow and when you hit the top of your arch, come down gently. With the powder left in the brush, blend your brows well", Goldie said.

I have been drawing the same brows since then and using the same old eyebrow palette. (make up enthusiasts, please don't judge me!)

I met Mane 5 years back when he came to visit Goldie at work...

"Hi Clara, nice to meet you!" and I replied, "Pleasure is all mine!"

Because of my unique reply (I mean people usually say, 'nice to meet you too!'), during the prewed shoot he told me I made a lasting impression! Cool!


For the first shoot, we went to Paulaner Bräuhaus Singapore because that is where they had their first date! It was very nice of them to let us use their place!

For the second shoot, they changed to Indian traditional outfit and we took photos at Sentosa Golf Club! My first time there and wow, everything there is super well-maintained!

Here's 20 photos that I like:

Hope you enjoy this set! Their chemistry is amazing right?

Make up artist: Andrea J Dominique

Location 2: Sentosa Golf Club


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