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Joel and Joan | Labrador Park

Slideshow of the proposal

Last Saturday was extremely special because my youth leader and one of my churchmates who is like a dear sister to me GOT ENGAGED!

5 years back Joan and I went for a Mission trip together. This trip propelled our friendship sevenfold. There was a night we talk about our dream boyfriend and I remember her saying a few points like, he must

- love God

- have a heart of service

- if can be in worship team that will be great

And BOOM fast forward three years later, God had it all planned out for her. Who would have thought Joel fit the bill? 💕

Really mindblown by how God grants us the desires of our hearts and He gives it to us in His perfect plan and timing!

This proposal took a whole village to make it happened, around 15 pax came early at 5pm to set up $200 worth of fairy lights on the trees! I know all of us helped out willingly cause we love this power couple so much! 😍

When Joel came, Jon, his cousin and I were telling him, "eh the pants dont match your black blazer. Can change?"

Thankfully, he brought his jeans out as well. The number of people who came early to help!

Some photos of the set up. The photos on the fairy light were laid in chronological order from the time they started dating.

Joan was super cute. When she saw me she thought I was there for another client's photoshoot.

*in her British accent*

"Clara! why are you here?"

"Oh Photoshoot!"

She still didn't get it.

"Oh what photoshoot?"


That's when she knew the was set up for her.

Then Joel surprised her from the back. Okay, enough of the talking. I will let the photos do the talking.

Congratulations to my dearest Joan and Joel. So excited for your next season in life as Fiancé and Fiancee!


Clara Tan


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