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Jacob Veneta | Wedding | Church of St Teresa and Open Farm Community

This was my second last wedding of 2022 and I was shooting this at 28 weeks pregnant. It was a long day of shoot but this is really THE MOST FUN WEDDING I HAD FOR THE YEAR. HANDS DOWN! There was Jewish element during the dinner party and that made it interesting and entertaining!

We started the day at Hotel Jen Tanglin.

It was a weekday wedding but there were still so many guests! They are truly loved!

Really love this set up! It is so pretty!!!!

They had their dinner party at Open Farm Community! We also started the night session with some letter reading.

Took some time to photograph Veneta and her family as well!

Open Farm Community allows pets in the premise!

Then we ended the night with The Horah, which is the Jewish celebratory dance that the bride and groom are lifted on chairs in the middle of the circle and guests dance around in circles.

Their parents joined in the fun at the end and what a wonderful sight, seeing everyone laughing so happily!

Thanks for having me! I'm so glad I took this job!

- Clara


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