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Glenn and Nicole | Prewed | Coney Island, Tiong Bahru and Canterbury Road

Can't believe I did this shoot for close to a year already and have not uploaded anything on my website. So Here it is FINALLY!

Glenn and Nicole... I love this couple so much. They are really one of the sweetest. From clients to friends, what more can I ask?

Last October was their shoot and I remember by 7am, I was already in their car. On the way to Punggol Settlement, what greeted us that beautiful day was the most gorgeous sunrise I have ever seen in my life in Singapore (no joke).

I can't believe this is Singapore and look at that fisherman on the sampan! We quickly got to business and started taking photos!

The First Location // Punggol Settlement

We were really blessed with the super beautiful light and that period I remember it was raining that week! So thank you Jesus for the cooling weather too.

The Second Location // Tiong Bahru and Catholic Church

This is also the location that I realised Glenn perspire easily. hahahahaha he changed so many outfits that day but within minutes it would be drenched!

I got scolded by the priest for trespassing while taking this photo lol. My heart was thumping so hard! This was such an epic day.

The Last Location // My House Rooftop and Hort Park

Every good things have to come to an end! I really enjoyed shooting with them that day! Their energy, enthusiasm and chemistry is just amazing! They also drove me to and fro that day, they didn't have to but their thoughtfulness really touched me.

It is going to be their wedding tomorrow and I cant wait to witness the day when they say Yes to each other, forever!


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