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Family Photoshoot for a Special Girl | Marina Barrage

I had the privilege of meeting Madam Zul about half a year ago during one of my school projects. When I went to her house she gave me such a positive vibe. I saw that she printed many family photos in her home and I thought I could blessed her with what i am good at - photography.

Kodijah is born with down syndrome and cerebral palsy but all of us know that she is a special child. A child that always radiates love, joy and happiness to the people around her.

Here is Kodijah playing with her eldest brother, helper and mummy! What touched my heart that day was also seeing how selfless the eldest brother was in taking care of Khodijah!

Hope you guys love this series of photos because it is one my favourite!

Here's one photo of my and Khodijah!

Let me know which photo you love best!

Till then,

Clara Tan


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