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Eric and Ee Leng | Solemnisation | Salt Grill and Sky Bar

Photo Montage for Eric and Ee Leng Music: You're My Sweetheart - Sebastian Forslund I'm so happy that Eric and Ee Leng finally tied the knot! Happy cause they have both been very friendly since beginning this year when we liaised with one another. Ee leng was also extremely sweet to have kindly invited me to an event to bond with her bridesmaids! They have been dating for 10 years and one of their wedding hashtag is #TANyearsLeong. hahaha how ingenious is that?

For their solemnisation they had it at Salt Grill and Sky Bar, which is at Ion's 55th floor.

Top 20 Photos that I like:

I loved how before everyone arrived, ee leng was standing at the side reading her vows once again.

Salt Grill and Sky Bar boast a high ceiling and huge window panes. It gives ample light into the venue! But bear in mind during mid afternoon, the light might be really hot and it might create harsh shadows on the skin! Thankfully, that Saturday was quite hazy and it gave a nicely diffused light on their faces.

Love the last photo because that's where their banquet will be next year!!! Cant wait :D


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