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Cruz & Megan | Prewed | Canterbury Road

Beginning this year, I received an email enquiry about my wedding rates and availability but what stood out that day was I received the email from the groom instead. Usually, it will be the brides who always email me so receiving email from the groom was a pleasant surprise. haha

Fast forward to many months later, we are two months away from their AD! Here are some photos that I like from this shoot. Canterbury has been an increasingly popular place to shoot at, the previous time I went, there were FIVE photographers present. For this shoot, there were 2 other photographers, which also happened to be my industry friends. hahaha

If you are considering this place to take photos, do note that it is only accessible by car.

We went during the golden hours, so the flares were AMAZING!

Some individual photos to warm them up first.

Megan is one strong lady! hahaha look at the smile when she carried Cruz!

one of my favourite shots because I loved how genuine and happy they looked.

Hope you guys like this set! and Hope you guys like that I am constantly updating my website now. haha

Till then,

Clara Tan


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