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about the perfect statement

@theperfectstatement is young but feisty.


Fuelled by a passion for greater things, we seek to make the journey as memorable as the end product. We distinguish ourselves by making each shoot a unique experience for both you and the photographer.


Pose and smile? Ditch that.

Look here and say cheese? Ditch that.


Our time together is precious, and we enjoy making full use of it by engaging in meaningful conversations. By employing such a non-conventional approach, we are able to capture emotions in their raw and most genuine form.


One session, ‘X’ smiles, and priceless memories.


Will you come on this journey with us in helping you create The Perfect Statement of your memories?

 Hi, I'm Clara! I am a wedding photographer based in Singapore. I do shoot other genres as well like graduation and family photoshoot. 

What I like about photography is that it is a means of expression. During a shoot, I interact with my clients, ask them questions, help them to pause and rethink what keeps their love going. I help them feel valued, appreciated and loved.


To me, photography is not just about taking photos but also about helping my clients to know each other better and connect them a little deeper. What I hope is that the photos that I have taken will help them to remember the great memories shared and in their down moments, they can remember why they chose each other in the first place.

When I am at a shoot, I'm bringing all the energy I have to give to you so I will pump up the atmosphere. I love what I do because it is me.

Ultimately, I want to connect hearts through photos and I hope you feel it too.

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