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Wedding Yunrong and Jon

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

Finally posting about the wedding I did 6 months ago for Yunrong and Jonathan . They inspired me in so many ways because they defied the Singapore norms of "what you need to achieve or be in order to get married".

They are only 22 years young but got married because they know they are the one for each other and because they are gonna move to Canada together while Jon pursues his bachelor degree.

I remember asking them how do they save up for their wedding and they said for 2 years they saved a portion of their earnings while she was working full time and Jon was in the NS. Wow and here I am, still struggling how to manage my finances! haha

Dearest mum and dad, I know I’m not very expressive But Thank you for everything, For the best you have always given me and For the endless love you all have showered. Now that I’m married and flying away to another part of the world, I just wanna let you know I will always And forever be your, baby girl.

It was a sweet and intimate ROM solemnisation at Amara Sanctuary Singapore.

Thank you both for having me for your ROM and prewed shoot! Hope you guys are having a lot of fun in Canada now!

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