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U-N -I : that's where they met.

Vanessa and Jason looks really happy in the photo but you guys won’t know how many times they ran up and down this hill at Canterbury road. I guess this is similar to love; it can be exhausting and tiring at times but if we choose to persevere, the end result is priceless 💕

hahahaha trying to be punny with where they met. U (you), N (and), I (I) - uni. In the UNIversity! okay, I think I did a terrible job at this pun but please don't close this page! I will try my best the next time. hahahaha

This shoot was taken 2 months back. We postpone the shoot once due to rain and on the postponed day of our photoshoot, it rained again. I have never met them prior to the shoot and during the first 15 minutes we were just making short awkward conversation with one another while waiting for the rain to stop. Thank goodness the rain subsided and we get to start our shoot; that is when the chemistry between my client and me (the photographer) got started.

To capture them with genuine emotions, I asked them a lot of heartfelt question and here are the photos:

Then we went to a spot at canterburry road to take some of pictures that is not graduation related. During that season, I was really into pastel sky so i tried to edit the sky as pastel as possible! I really like the purple and blue-ish tones to it!

This spot at Canterburry really doesn't look like Singapore at all. It looks so serene and really peaceful, which is like one of the hit places to have a photoshoot in Singapore!

Everyone says that uni is the place where they meet their significant other and I am glad they found one another <3

Till next time,


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