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The Marayana Family!

Sheela's husband reached Singapore on Friday and we took family photos together before church service on Sunday!

Baby Joash was actually frowning most of the time during shoot but guess what? we managed to take some beautiful photos of him smiling! phewwww!

oh by the way, I have resigned to my fate of being called Auntie Clara.

At age 22, when i started photography, i realised all the mothers love to ask their children to call me Auntie Clara. hahaha I was hurt... I mean I am not old at all! I dont have wrinkles and I am in my early twenties!

At 23, still in denial. Still wrestling with the idea of being called Auntie Clara.

But at 24, I have accepted reality the wrinkles around my eyes are appearing and being called an auntie is a rite of passage in becoming older.

So here's Auntie Clara signing off. hahaha

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