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My mum is right.

For the month of July has been a really busy month for me and I can't complain because busy = more business = more earnings. BUT the catch is this, I started attending a bible school as well... I have to wake up early in the morning at 6:30am as school starts at 8:15am, sit through 3 lectures daily and before I know it, half a day is gone and school's out. The second half of the day is our free time so I spent it on editing photos, filming corporate videos and taking photography gigs. Days like these I end around 6plus pm and when I am back around 7-8pm, I have a terrible habit of not taking out my contact lens and will wear till late... like 11pm? My eyes will be glued to the my laptop, my body leaning forward with a little hunch on my back so I could see the screen a little clearer.

super exaggerated but you get the drift

Every night my mum says, "Dear, you better take good care of your eyes. What's the point of working so hard while you neglect your body? What's the point if you earn more and your eyes spoil (lol singlish)?"

hahaha and me being a strong, healthy and determined 24-year-old who wants to build a career in this line turned a deaf ear to my mum's guidance/ wisdom thinking,

"aiya im still young, and you wont understand"

Lo and behold, hahaha barely 3 weeks into this busy lifestyle, my body caved in. I was sick, there's fever, headache and worst of all MY RIGHT EYE WAS INFECTEDDDDD!!!

I have gotten a lot of eye infections from wearing contact lens but this time round was different as there wasn't any pus, no watery discharge. It was just red. My natural human sense will obviously think it isn't serious. So i did not go to the GP and went to pharmacy and just got normal eye drops. 2 days later, i wore contact lens again even though my eye wasn't fully healed and IT GOT WORST AFTER A 2 HOUR SHOOT :/ hahaha okay so no contact lens for now... i get it.

During this period, my right eye is still super blur and I thought my degree increased so I went to make a new pair of specs. lo and behold, it did. +0.75 on my right eye, my right eye power is currently at 5.25. After wearing the new specs (as seen above) for a few days, my right eye is still equally blur even though my eye isn't red anymore. I wore contacts again because i have got photoshoot. when I wore the contact lens, everything was so clear but when i removed my lens, and wear my specs, my vision became blur again. This was when I know something is terribly terribly wrong.

I went to another optical shop and get my eyes tested and they say my degree is 5.75... then i asked my friend who is studying optometry in the UK and she suggested I should go to the optometrist instead.

I went today and she did a eye test first and she said my right eye's power is at 6.25??? I dont know what to say because the degree fluctuated exponentially within a period of 3 weeks from 4.50 (before i had eye infection) to 6.25? Then she suggested I do a detailed eye scan. She brought me in to this room, took out this huge machine, put some eye drops in my eye and shone a bright blue line at the side of my eye, asked me to move my eye up, down, left and right and began to take photos using the fancy equipment then she squealed, "omg, this is bad. this is very bad." Then she took photos on my left side as well for comparison.

"I think it is time for you to stop wearing your contact lens. Hopefully this heals because if it doesn't the damage will be permanent.", she said firmly.

She explained that there is way too much stain "white spots" on my eye and she estimated that it is covering 80% of my eye and that's the reason why degree is fluctuating like crazy.

something like that

Upon reflection, I wear contact lens for a total of 16-17 hours a day :o and almost every day in a week... Yeap, so now i am gonna stop wearing contacts and pray extremely fervently that my eyes will be good again!

Wish me luck and do pray for me if you are reading this and mummy if you are reading this, I love you. hahaha i will listen to you more next time. Wait... what? there's no next time because it isn't going to happen again.

Till next time,


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