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My Goals

I told one of my friends that I am planning to devote photography one year this year and he was SO happy for me and the he asked,

“You have a lot of wedding booked this year?”

“Nope. hahaha I have only have 3 weddings so far.”

“Hahahaha what! so what are your plans?”

“Haven’t thought about it yet.”

That was when I realised, dayum gurl, if I don’t plan now, I am bound to fail.


Let’s not talk about plans first but today I am gonna talk my goals for 2018. Actually at the end of 2017, I told myself that I might want to do photography full time and I kept telling myself I have to do something about it; emailing companies to let them know about TPS existence. Bridal company for wedding photography and AD/PR companies for events photography but if you know me well, I love to procrastinate yeap and till today, I have not done anything yet.

But for now, my goals for TPS are:

1. Have a strong branding

  • I realised a good branding makes me remember the company better and hence I hope by creating a strong brand, it will create brand retention in potential client's memory”

  • This logo took a month and half to design and it was everything I wanted it to be. Just wanna give a shoutout to my best friend, Amirah for helping me design this. I should do a blogpost about this soon.

2. To be bolder in terms of:

  • Colour Editing - I have been staying at the safe side for the longest time. I don’t dare to be too bold in my colour grading as I’m scared it will be too ugly. But this year I wanna be different. I wanna try different colour tone and scheme until it speaks me.

  • Marketing efforts - I am a girl who is afraid that people will talk behind my back and hence for the past 2 years I do not really dare to "put myself out there”. Like for example, I wouldn't dare to ask acquaintance to like my Facebook page or follow me on instagram. I don't dare to post too much photos of client on social media because I'm afraid it will invade their privacy. This year basically I just have to be bolder.

3. To have a more consistent theme especially in my Instagram

  • I used to post everything and anything I wanted. Photos that I deemed as nice I would post. So some photos are saturated, some photos are matte. My friend even commented, "I cant appreciate your feed as a whole, i can only appreciate your photos individually". I absolutely agreed with what she said. This year I'm trying my best to plan my feed before posting. I think it is better now but of course, it can be better.

4. To have my own style when I shoot photo.

  • This is really inspired by Gareth while conversing over dinner he shared, "there’s a lot of people who can take nice photos but it doesn’t leave a lasting impression." So true. I don’t want to create nice photos. I want to have a lasting impression for my photos. So what is my style? - This is something I have to figure it out...


  • This is a really bad habit of mine because I really want my client to get the most out of their bucks. But when I rush, I tend to go through the motion of reiterating poses to clients and I forgo the powerful connection that the couple can feel for each other in a photoshoot. The past 2 months, I have been telling myself to just slow down. I think I have done better in letting my clients connect but I believe it can be better. Here are some recent photos that I managed to capture the connection of my clients' hearts.

6. More connections

  • Be courageous in connecting with people! Other photographers, videographers, make up artist and influencers.

Though I might not have a lot of gigs book this year because i started late in advertising and marketing, but I know for sure 2018 is going to be EXCITING. In fact the month of May was so phenomenal for me and in one particular week there was 5 shoots back to back!

My ex-boss said this is just a honeymoon phase, which I agree but I am going to channel this feeling of honeymoon phase to bring TPS to greater heights!

Wish this 24-year-old girl who is chasing her passion the best of luck!

Till then,


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