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Lumix S Series Product Launch!

Yesterday I went for Panasonic Lumix S series launch and got to try their new full frame mirorrless camera! It was a day packed with programmes!

Before the event proper, the Panasonic team even planned a 4-course lunch for us at The Villa, Botanic Garden. I was so impressed with the thoughtful meal!



Here's the next powerhouse in the market. It is solid and feels really durable. The downside is that it is quite heavy.

Lumix S1R selling points:

- 47.3-megapixel full-frame mirrorless sensor

- Up to 9fps

- 5.7m-dot OLED EVF (Super clear omg)

I was really impressed by the digital OLED electronic view finder - it is as real as seeing with our eye!

The event felt crowded because the venue was small. Hence, if you would like to have a good shot different from the rest, try shooting it with a higher angle! and all this is possible because of Lumix S1R's Tri-axial tilting rear screen.

See the square detection on her face? That how's intelligent this camera is. Not only that, the Panasonic team mentioned that S1R can even detect animal faces too! So here's to sharp images all the way! #cantwait

There were really a lot of people photographing the models.

If you can't beat them, join them! So I squeezed myself in.

Snapped with Lumix S1R, 24-104mm lens.

The second workshop was taught by Stephen Loh by Lyrical Moments. He taught us how to take photos in tricky indoor lighting situation.

Good lighting doesn't mean increase the brightness. - Stephen Loh

Lol so true. His workshop was so helpful. I found myself nodding in agreement quite a few times.

Photos taken with Lumix S1R


Was actually looking forward to Raymond Phang's course on using flashlight in outdoor photography but a pity it got cancelled as the rain was too heavy and hence, we couldn't go out to roam Botanic Gardens.

Here's a photo with our Australian speakers, Nikki and Ashley! I saw that Nikki (the one in white) is pregnant so I went up and asked her how does she continue to be a wedding videographer while she is pregnant.

Because this is one major dilemma I have now - In the future if i'm pregnant what should i do with my business? Who is going to help me shoot? And it doesn't help that my boyfriend wants 4 kids in the future. Will I be able to sacrifice my work for my kids?

Talking to them gave me some clarity, and their advice, JUST KEEP SHOOTING. lol and Nikki told me that Ashley (in red) even shot a wedding 2 days before she gave birth and continued to shoot the third day after she gave birth! I was like what! *inserts jaw drop emoji* Hahahahaa they are really #goals! #femalepower

Me and the Panasonic Lumix S1R, which this photo was taken by another Lumix S1R.

We could get to print one of our test shots back and I shamelessly printed a photo of myself in A2. Thought it would be more practical instead of the model bride and groom. I even gave this A2 print as a present to my boyfriend later! hahahahahahaha

Thank you Panasonic Singapore for organising this event! I really had fun today and it was great to meet new industry vendors.

Till next time,


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