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I have been doing a lot of research and thinking more than I should recently. A search on google made me felt so small as it dawned on me that there are so many photographers out there and well, wedding photographers in fact.

All of their photos are so nice, the composition, the colour tones - they are perfect, really. But after looking through so many of their photographs, it gets mundane after awhile because it is the same pose over and over again.

"look at one another and smile"

"bride, hug your groom from the back"

"groom, can you tickle the bride a bit?"

guess what?

I am guilty of that too.

The past week, I have been asking how can I stand apart from the rest? How can I be so distinguished that my clients or industry partner can see something different in me? How can I be the next wave of creative wedding photographers in Singapore and in the world?

How can I be different because I am tired of being the same.

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