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!creativity explosion!


Few weeks back I started internship in a wedding photos/ video company and currently, I am on a month probation. I am thankful that God managed to place me in this company during this season of my life.

Though I feel inadequate at times when it comes to work; especially for the video side, I tell myself to chin up as I am learning the ropes in this industry. It is okay to feel inadequate, it is okay to make mistakes. It is okay if you don't understand.


I must be willing to humble myself and learn from them.

One thing I have realised when I started internship is when it comes to The Perfect Statement is that I am more diligent in updating my Instagram account and photoshopping marketing collaterals for igstory. It feels like I am on a creative explosion!

Maybe I see my bosses' creative side and it kinda influence me to work harder as well. This blog category is kinda inspired by them, well kinda. This blog that is situated in this website is also to replace my dayre blog, which I gotten quite a number of customer from there as well. It is so apt to post here as dayre wants to close the blogging platform soon.

I am gonna end abruptly here but stay tune to my next post as I am gonna upload a really meaningful photoshoot that is close to my heart :)

Till then,


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