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Come Up Higher

I fly to Hong Kong every time I graduate from school.

  • Primary 6 - checked (I went with my late grandma and my Grand Aunts)

  • Secondary 5 - checked (I went with my second aunt and her family)

  • Polytechnic - checked (I went with my small aunt and her Husband.)

And now that I’ve finished university, Hong Kong was definitely not the first location in my mind. I wanted to travel to other places for my university graduation trip! I planned going to Bali, Khao Kai, Phuket and even Beijing with my friends but all of them found a job within a month after school ended... so I kinda have to think of plan B.

So Guess where I went again? Yeap, you got it right. HONG KONG! ._.

My small aunt accompanied me to Hong Kong this time round.

The reason why I always go Hong Kong is because my precious uncle is working there!

This is my 6th time in Hong Kong and by no means I’m an expert because we always go to the same touristy places. Boy, you have no idea how many times I went Disneyland, Macau, sai kung for seafood, shopped at ladies street etc. So I wanted to explore a different side of Hong Kong badly and what made this trip special was we climbed 2 hills - Dragon's back and Lion's Rock!

  • Dragon's Back

What made this hike memorable was my aunt and I climbed up and we thought we were at the peak. So we took 1001 photos up then we realised oops, the peak is in the opposite direction! hahahahaha

After another long 1 hour hike, we reached the right peak!

  • Lion's Rock

This hike was just challenging. There were certain parts I needed to use all my limbs for contact point because it was so steep.

My favourite part of the hike is when we climbed all the way up and it started to POUR!!! I am an adventure junkie, so the rain made the whole hike 10x more interesting. What went through my head as i was climbing down was,

"Clara, you need to be careful. BE VERY CAREFUL. you have a solemnisation tomorrow! Don't break your arms or sprain your ankle." haha talk about responsibility!

What has hiking taught me?

I realised we tend to stop and take a lot of photos at mid point and we think the view is beautiful but if we were to climb to the top, the view is more mesmerising. Likewise, I hope in my life I wont settle for anything less and I will keep climbing till I see the greatest view.

Likewise, this could also be applied in my spiritual walk with Daddy god and also in my photography journey.

Never settle and keep going higher :)

Till then,


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