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2nd year photographing this family!

Thankful that past clients come back to me to have their photos taken. I always constantly ask myself, is my photo good? Did they enjoy the session? I know I have done something right if they asked me to shoot again.

So thank you Clarissa for choosing TPS, yet again!

I remember last year I had a hard time coordinating the 2 kiddos so this year I decided to entice them with Kinder Bueno! Guess what? IT WORKED! hahahaha good job, Clara!

Let me tell y'all a story!

As a photographer I always have to say "1,2,3 smile!!!" So during this one hour photoshoot, I was repeating that all along! And towards the last 10 minutes of the shoot, Xavier, the oldest child was so tired of hearing my pronunciation and he shouted, "It is THREE and not TREE!!!!!!" Hahahahahahahaha it was hilarious!

Of course, the parents laughed so hard too! I guess it is time for me to pronounce "TH" sound more consciously. My Best Friends can definitely testify I had a hard time pronouncing three and tree when I was in my school's drama club

What a fun shoot it was!

Till then,


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