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2019 Updates!

Hey all! Thanks for still checking this page out. I know it has been eons since I have last updated. It is pretty embarrassing to call this segment my "thoughts" / blog page and yet I don't regularly update it. Believe me, I have been wanting to log in to this website for the longest time and it has been in my to-do list every.single.time but I can't seem to find the motivation while my backlogs are piling up and the ever increasing administrative work needing to settle. Also, instead of updating corporately here, I have also been updating on dayre, a social media blogging platform.

Last year in June, I came out with a set of goals to reach by end 2018

- Have a strong branding

- Bolder in terms of colour editing and marketing effort

- More consistent theme on Instagram

- Have my own style when i shoot

- Don't rush when shooting

- More connections between Couple

I think I kinda reached my goal. I feel that I have scraped the surface of my goals and hence it can be better. For 2019,

  • Continue to have a stronger branding

By creating more personal IG story branding. If you have followed me, you would have seen all these IG story. If you haven't, it is still in my IG highlight. Take a look, and let me know what you think... a lot of time and effort were spent on conceptualising my ideas. Also, a lot of money (I hired a graphic illustration to layout for me) was invested as well.

  • I want to update the corporate blog (here) at least twice a month.

I feel that it is a little ambitious but I will try. haha BUT if you wanna catch up on a snippet of my life as a full-time photographer, find me on dayre; very light-hearted and a little more broken english. I try to be as raw as possible, not saying im not real but a corporate blog has to have some decorum.

  • To revamp my website

I give myself by June to do it. I feel that is is too mehhhhh now...

Hense, for this year's branding, it will be even better! Now for skill-wise,

  • Be more intentional in asking for feedback

I realised that email surveys doesn't work as well as asking them personally. This scares me a lot... My heart always skips a beat whenever i ask clients how do they feel. Most had fun and love the photos but there is always that something I can do better. It is always the "something" that makes me ponder more and remind myself how to be better. I strive to be the best because I am

A-sian not B-sian. ;)

haha jokes aside, i know intentionally asking for feedback is a good thing because it is only my first year of doing photogaphy full-time, and if i want it to continue to chase after my passion, asking current clients how to improve will benefit my future clients. Tough learning curve but I will learn! :)

  • Investing in skills

Photography is subjective, it is an art. But we have to constantly learn from others as well so we won't be stagnant. There are some masterclasses that I have already eyed on and I hope the tickets won't be too expensive so I can attend. haha

I guess that's about it! Thanks for reading, and I wish all of you a fabulous 2019! Till next time,


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